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Best Football Players 2013

Dirk Knudsen: OregonPreps.com








Best Of The Class Of 2013

Here is an Updated Look at the Top Guys in Oregon and we have the story as to who is going to lead the Class of 2013.  

There is a LOOSE order to these guys.  This is the Top Group with more coming updates.  Blue notates offers already made and black just indicates that the athlete is receiving interest.

Oregon's Best For Class Of 2013

Player Info Schools Contacting- Offers Link to Players Film and Commentary by OP Staff
Thomas Tyner, Aloha HS, 6'0", 210 Pounds, RB 20 plus Offers:  OREGON Commit 6' 208 pounds RB: Aloha;   Thomas is one of the hottest prospects in the Nation and was already named a 5 Star player by Rivals.com.  He was the first player to be nominated to the Army All American Game in the Nation.  Look for him and his 4.38 speed to tear it up For Oregon who he has already verballed to.




Connor Strahm, Sheldon, 6'1", 210 Pounds, WR/SB/DB

Montana- PSU-N Dakota

PAC 12

Connor had 28Td's and 7 Picks last season as a 2 way star.  His measureables are terrific and we expect him to have a special season again this year.  He will certainly be a multi-offer kid that we expect to go on to play a huge role somewhere after his time at Sheldon.




Evan Voeller, West Linn HS, 6'4", 285 Pounds, OL

Oregon Commit:

15 Offers total

Evan has been a known entity since 2009.  He is a preseason All American and so very talented. Such a talented kid with a huge upside.   Look for him to move on to be an impact player for the Ducks



Brayden Kearsley, Aloha, 6'5",290 Pounds, OL BYU Commit- 9 Other Majors What can u say about the Boss of the line?  He is big. agile, and he understands how to win and how to defeat opponents.  There is an X factor and Kearsely has it.  Big time prospect. He is a very talented D-Linemen but this guy is O'Line Dominance incarnate.  The BYU Cougars got a good one here.



Andrew Kirkland, Jesuit, 6'6", 285 Pounds, OL

Washington Commit

9 Total Offers

No matter how you slice it Kirkland is big time.  So raw and so powerful this big kid had an All State Season and we are certain his future is as an Offensive Tackle.  He is a major recruit!  Great feet and hands with a high ceiling still. UW got his pledge but coull Oregon reel him in still?



Nathan Halverson, Grant HS, 5'11", 185 Pounds, DB/RB

SMU Commit


Nate and he is heading towards a big time Senior Season.  This is one tough corner back and he he is a potent offensive weapon as well.  Powerhouse kid with a great frame.  SMU Commit looks to head to Texas and be an impact player with Grants star Kenneth Acker who is already there playing with June Jones!



Doug Brenner, Jesuit, 6'3", 275 Pounds OSU, PSU, Montana, Montana State. Air Force, Yale, and several others Where do you put an athletic freak like Brenner?  All kidding aside his only issue is going to be where he ends up.  He will probably be a DL.  His speed and size are a rare thing indeed.  Offers from almost all of the Big Sky, Air Force, Yale, and OSU.  UCLA, Cal, Oregon, Arizona, and even schools like Notre Dame are zeroing in on the 1300 pound clubs only member.



Derrick Turituri, 6'3", 225 pounds, Crater HS Arizona Commit Turituri is a big hitter and a terrific athlete.  He has taken care of his training and is excellent shape.  He looks to be on his way to big things in 2012.  Arizona offered then OSU and other Pac 12's.  But he is heading to play for the Wildcats and excited in doing so. What a great Oregon Talent!



Skyler Phillips, 6'3"-335 Pounds, Churchill HS Oregon State, Others Ok this is a terrific story and kid.  He came out of nowhere really.  He puts up a 99 SPARQ Score, MVP at Nike NFTC Camp the next day, and landed an OSU offer all within three weeks.  Add in an invite to The Opening.  The kid is for real!
Austin Baird, Marist, 5'11", 185 Pounds, WR/DB Multi Schools The Marist High Stud racked up the yards and the TD's again this past season.  His 4.45 40 speed and ball skills are big time.  He will be a leader in his class and we look at him as a D-1 major recruit.  First Team DB who can play both sides of the ball.  PSU, Montana, and a host of Big Sky Schools! 5 Total including EWU, NCU.  CAL and OSU Are close.



Dallin Leavitt, Central Catholic, 5'11", 195 pounds, DB/RB BYU 6 Picks a season ago as a First Team All State DB.  Dallin is comitted to BYU and has the entire skill set.  Speed, Agility, and strength with above average football IQ.



Bryson Sullivan, Aloha HS, 6'4", 260 Pounds, TE/DE Multiple Schools Sullivan is perhaps the best 2 way recruit in the region.  He is so fast and powerful for his age.  He is a D-1 kid all the way and schools that have not looked better do so fast.



Evan Colorito, 6'4", 225 Pounds, OLB, TE Colorado, Colorado State, PSU, Montana, Wow is this one fast and exceptionally gifted kid.  When you watch him play it is obvious he is going to be a big time talent.  He moves effortlessly and is always where the ball is.  He is a nightmare in the passing lanes too.  Top LB in this class who Oregon and OSU better jump on!



Chad Bach,  6'4", 265 Pounds,


PSU, Lehigh, Trinity, Others Bach is a mobile and agile O'linemen who can also play DE.  We like his film and had a chance to go over some of it in detail.  The most impressive player we have seen in terms of Technique in the Pacific Northwest for O-line.  Big Sky is a done deal and he can play in the Pac 12.



AJ Glass, Jesuit HS, 6'0", 200 Pounds, RB/DB Multiple Schools Work Horse athlete that was able to start for Jesuit at RB right out of the gate.  AJ Amassed 2000 yards and 25 TD's on his way to leading the Crusaders to the Final Four.  Will make a great pick up for any school.  Safety may be his real strength.



Bryon Bodon, Crescent Valley, 6'5", 275 Pounds, OL/DL

PSU Commit

OSU, OR, -Others

Bryon is the most agressive player we have seen out there.  He started off the season on fire and then broke a bone and was lost for the season.  That will not deter colleges as his mail box is filling up and he is a great looking athlete with above average strength.  CAL seems close to an offer.



Film To Follow

Justin Outslay, 6'4.5"-275 Pounds, Ol/DL - Salem Academy Multiple Schools

Justin is a rising talent.  One of the hardest working guys in the Region.  A tough nosed mean kid who can dominate opponents.  Technically he is getting better and better.  An MVP at a few showcase events.  If he was at a bigger school he would be sitting on offers.  That will change and he is close to a Big Sky offer now!


Spencer Payne, McMinnville, 5'9", 190 Pounds RB/DB Multiple Schools Payne is an amazing talent who won the Player of the Year in his League and a review of this film tells us why.  Almost 1700 yards and 27 TD's do not lie.  The question is not who will offer him but how many.  He may project best at DB but given the quality of this film it is easy to see what is possible with him.  Watch for the Big Sky schools to offer soon.




Max Rich, Jesuit, 6'7", 265 Pounds, OL

WSU, Wyoming, Yale, Harvard, PSu, others

Other Pac 12 Schools close

Rich has the best overall size and frame for a big time OT.  One of several linemen in this amazing class of Oregonians it is not easy to figure where he is going to wind up.  No doubt he will be a Nationally touted recruit and is someone Head Coach Ken Potter says is the best he has seen in a long time.




Matt Sommer, West Salem, 6'4", 295 Pounds, OL-DL PSU, Wyoming, N Colorado, Montana Another in a long line of West Salem Titans who are very talented.  Big Matt is going to be a top recruit and  another in 2013 which may as well be called the Year of the Linemen.    All League Player who is on his way. 5 offers from Big Sky or higher and gaining interest!



Reza Aleazziz, Southridge, 6'4", 225 Pounds, QB Multiple Schools You want to see a D-1 QB in the making?  Look no further then Southridge.  He has a rocket for an arm and we think he will be a very solid QB prospect for the D-1AA level as his size and skills are only getting better.  His stable of receiving talent should only get better and better this season too.



Tanner Shipley, 6'2", 185 Pounds, ATH-RB-WR BYU, OSU, Wyoming, PSU Shipley had 1300 yards and 16 TD's.  He was a rising star in the Wildcats backfield and was able to bust out for almost 11 yards per touch.  Great size and a kid who can play WR, Slot, RB, or Safety.  NFL Blood lines and one hard working kid.  A BYU Commit in July he pulled back and is re-evaluating with OSU and Others offering too!



Xavier Griggs, Central Catholic, 6'0", 225 Pounds, DB/RB PSU, EWU, Wyoming, others Xavier is getting bigger and faster if that were possible.  He looks good as a RB but as a LB he is a game breaker.  Watching him the past few seasons we see his abilities rising to the D-1 level without much doubt. Two offers and more coming.



Beau Duronslet, Central Catholic, 6'1", 195 Pounds Multiple Schools There is nothing Beau is not good at.  He is a Ball Hawk on Defense and a terrific receiver or utility back on Offense.  He will no doubt be a collegiate player.  Beau has unlimited potential and with Leavitt and Griggs gives the Rams an amazing secondary.



Austin Powell, Crescent Valley, 6'4", 260 Pounds PSU Commit This Corvallis boy has a big motor and is another top linemen in the Oregon 2013 class.  He plays with true agression and reads the ball very well.  While he can project to the OL he seems likely to be best used as a strongside Defensive End where his agression comes out! HUGE get for the Viks!



Noach Peterson,  Lake Oswego, 6'5", 275 Pounds Multiple Schools Noah is the best of several very talented Laker O'linemen.  He is a smart kid and one of our favorite .  He is a winner and born leader.  He and team mates Kyle Peterson both impress us on that line.  His size, quick feet, and technique all tell us he is moving on to a collegiate level.  Secret to the Lakers First Championship was Noah and his boys up front.



Michael Kluge, Aloha HS, 5'10", 270, DT/Guard Mulitple Schools With a build like this you have to smile.  The big hearted Warrior is just that.  Tiger on the field and with his record setting 440 pound bench he is a beast.  This is one solid kid that knows how to win and despite his height will go on to play football and or wrestle in college.  PSU seems close and even bigger schools paying note to this guy who dominated at camps!



DeShawn Stephens, Putnam, 6'1", 190, WR Mutliple Schools Great looking kid.  40 plus TD's last season.  Once he settles down he could be the best in the Region.
John Carroll, Mt. View HS., 6'4", 190 Pounds, WR/DB Multiple Schools John was unstoppable last season until an Inury held him out of 3 games.  He was a frist team All League Defensive Back and could have been the same on Offense had he remained Healthy.  Look for him to be the target of some heated recrutiment.



Wyatt Houston, Horizon Christian, 6'5", 220 Pounds, TE UTAH State Commit Houston has been training to be a QB all his life and is making a case that he can be one of the best..  But he is also a Shoe in at Tight End or is a proto-type at OLB.  Weber and Utah State offered him as TE so he is now committed.



Jeffrey Williams, 6'2"-230 Pounds, TE, Tualatin Multiple Schools

Saw this guy at the SPARQ Event where he was a top performer.  He is really a terrific athlete and his film shows that he is a capable of playing with anyone!  We see colleges moving in as the season comes along.


Cristian Morris, 5'11", 185 Pounds, RB/DB Multiple Schools Morris is legit.  He missed the 2011 Season with an injury but showcased his skills his 19th grade season and in the off season.  Hard to say which side of the ball he ends up on but boy can he play.  This is a gifted skill player worthy of looks from schools at the top levels.



Mike Ralston, Sheldon, 6'6", 220 Pounds, TE/DE Multiple Schools MIke had a solid year at Jesuit helping to lead that group upfront.  People say he has a 40" vert and his soft hands are obvious; when he gets his shot he can be really good.   A good edge blocker who may be a tru Strongside DE/TE for any college looking for big time potential.



Mitch Lomax, Lake Oswego, 6'4", 230 Pounds, LB Mulitple Schools Mitch was first team All League and given his size and football IQ may be the most mobile and agile of the Linebackers in State.  First Lomax we have seen on the defensive side and the kid is a natural.  As he grows and gets fatser this kid could transition into a Walk up- Backer/DE like Boise State uses; a lot like a Sam McCaskill.  He is a legitimate D-1 Prospect that we love!



Kamerun Smith, Marist HS, 6'5", 220 Pounds, QB Multiple Schools The transfer QB from Willamette was an immediate impact player at Marist.  One of the finest QB's in the State with great size, speed, and overall Football IQ.  His presence on the field exudes leadership at a level colleges will be interested.




Johnny Ragin, Wilsonville, 6'3", 213 Pounds, RB/OLB/DB BYU, PSU, Others Johnny was a two way stud last season and while he is comfortable in the RB spot we see him as a really great looking OLB/Safety.  He is adding muscle mass to his frame and looks better everytime we see him.  His BYU offer led to others.  He is a Pac 12 guy.  Period.  His performance at the Opening showed he is one of the best in the Nation!



RJ Morgan, 6'2", 215 Pounds, Crater Arizona Commit

An All League kid quietly made himself into a Pac 12 player by networking and hard work.  He will join Tutrturi in Tucson and play for the Wildcats!  Great kid with a great story!


Benny Wick, Tigard HS, 5'9", 175 Pounds RB/ATH Multiple Schools One of Three excellent rushers at Tigards Wick had 17Td's and averaged 8 yards per carry.  A pure athlete with good top end speed and above average quickness who looks to be headed for collegiate ball in a year.




Zach Floyd,  Tigard HS, 5'9", 175 Pounds, RB/ATH Multiple Schools Zach joins Wick and Greene as one of three Rushers for the Tigers.  900 Yards and 20 TD's to his credit he too can move on as a pure athlete.




Jack Anderson, Lake Oswego, 6'2", 185 Pounds, DB-Safety Multiple Schools Jack is a terrific DB/Safety who was all over the field last year for the Lakers.  He has great size and speed, has terrific hands, and is tough in the passing lanes where he was a terror for the Lakers.



Deavauntae Hoffman, Gresham, 5'8", 185 Pounds, ATH Mulitple Schools Hoffman is a BURNER.  Everyone has to kick away from him which makes him so dangerous.  Return guy or slot who had 20 Td's and close to 1400 yards rushing last season for the Gophers.  He may be the fastest athlete in the State next to Tyner and one to watch for sure.



Richard Ramsey, Jefferson, 5'9", 180 Pound, Athlete Multiple Schools This young man looks like he is ready to move on now!  He has terrific speed and ability and could project to 4 or 5 positions.  We have seen him at the Air One Football Academy work outs in Vancouver, WA already this Winter and schools best pay attention to this young man.



Film Coming

Nick Highberger, Wilsonville, 6'2", 195 DB Multiple Schools 6'2"-195; Ath-DB-Wilsonville;  Highberger has started every year at Wilsonville and is a tough kid.  Generating interest from schools and had a nice performance at the AA Combine.




Bruce Jones Jr., Sunset, 5'11", 175 Pounds,  SB/RB/DB



Bruce is fun to watch and had a great Junior Year at Sunset.  He plays both sides of the ball very well and this season at Sunset should he Big for him.  Great speed and a pure athlete too.



Samson Ebukam, 6'3"-230 Pounds DE/OLB/TE- David Douglas Multiple Schools

While not high on the radar yet this young man MVP'd at two camps and has a huge motor.  His lean muscular frame is reminiscent of OWA who also played at David Douglas.  When the season starts so does his recruitment.  He will end up in College in our view and is a respectful hard working kid!


Kaz Greene, Tigard, 5'8", 160 Pounds, ATH Multiple Schools Greene joins Floyd and Wick as a potent weapon in the Tigers ground game.  He is super fast in space and is a very good special teams player too.  Plays beyond his size and should find a home at the next level.  One of the smartest players we watched last season.  High Football IQ from a great football family.




Dom Baldocchi, Jesuit, 6'3", 260 Pounds, OL/DL Mulitple Schools A tough nosed linemen that has earned his way down after down.  He will play at the collegiate level and is a born leader.  Another great looking Linemen for the Crusaders.




Kevin McClean- Southridge, 6'3", 185 Pounds, WR Multiple Schools Top WR in the Metro with terrific size and hands.  Can be a safety or WR and should have a huge Senior Year with Aleaziz at the QB spot.  Look for Kevin to move on.  Invited to the Elite 11 as a special wide receiver and he shined!



Sam Stelk, Canby HS, 6'5", 230 Pounds, QB, DE/TE, ATH Multiple Schools Sam came into Tigard looking for the QB spot and in 2012 he will likley get it at Canby where he is making his third transfer in three years.  Huge kid with great hands and feet who is a guy that can project at TE and DE as well.  He wants and will earn his shot at QB but reminds us of Caleb Smith who converted from QB to TE and became one of the best on the West Coast before moving on to OSU.



Fergus Frederickson, Central Catholic, 6'3", 245 Pounds, DE Multiple Schools Coach Steve Pyne is so happy with his play.  Fergus is experienced and has had a chance to see how great players like Brennan Scarlett and Alex Balducci play and is following suit.  Great strongside kid who gets it done for sure.




Antonio Bella, Roosevelt, 5'11", 175 Pounds, RB/ATH Multiple Schools  Coach Christian Swain is doing a great job over there with the Rough Riders and man this kid can play.  Another player you have to watch as a pure athlete and for teams needing to "man-up" this is a guy you need.



Tave'on Thompson Ashley, Grant HS, 6'3", 250, OL/DL Multiple Schools Tave'on just keeps getting better and better.  He will take charge of the Grant Line next year again and should be on the rise.  He has a nice frame and is a good looking prospect.  If he continues to improve and we like his chances.




Ryan Brown, Jesuit, 6'6", 250 pounds, OL Multiple Schools  Brown had a season ending injury this year and is out for now.  That does not mean we have counted him out.  He and Baldocchi, Kirkland, Ralston, and Rich will power that line again next year and we will not lose track of him.


Mark Holenstein, LaSalle Prep, 6'1", 185 POunds, QB/Kicker Multiple Schools We watched as Mark showcased his arm and his football IQ game after game.  He was very well coached and makes great decisions. He may be one of the best Qb in the State with the least Press.  His perfect season, State Title, and Big leg will not go overlooked!




Bryant Peek Jr., Grant HS, 5,11",180 pounds, RB/DB Mulitple Schools Peek is a force out of his RB spot.   Will get a ton of carries this year for Grant and should team with Halverson to make a potent 1-2 punch!  Love him as a DB going forward as well.




Alex Sirois, Century HS, 6'5", 305 Pounds, OL North Dakota, Others Alex is huge and yet lean.  No wonder many Pac-12 Schools have been hovering around him.  He has a high ceiling and showcases great footwork and athleticism for his size.  Very good hooper too with a skill set on the hard wood that translates to the Grid iron.




Tanner Fiez, Crescent Valley, 6'2", 215 Pounds,  WR/SS/LB Mulitple Schools As a WR-TE he is great.  But as a SS or OLB he is even better.  Watch this film and appreciate what a top recruit Scott Sanders has in Tanner Fiez!




Deven Jackson, Jefferson, 6'1", 190 Pounds, QB/ATH Mulitple Schools A young guys with a big arm who will only get better and better.  This could be the season where it all clicks for Jackson who has the raw skills and the physical ability too.  He has a big arm and can RUN!  Watch him to rise upa s the season comes along.  Can play any of the skill positions and would be just a great fit as an athlete.



Jack Ezell, Pendleton HS, 6'4", 215 pounds, LB Multiple Schools Jack was a big part of the success that Pendleton had and OP covered him this past season when we visited the team during the playoffs.  It is small town talent like this that gets college coaches fired up and he should not be overlooked.




Kyrell Bishop, Grant HS, 5'11", 185 Pounds, Athlete Multiple Schools Kyrell was first team All PIL and should have an equally good year in 2012.  Nice speed and good hands.  A solid off season effort should have him flying high in 2012.



Chet Spears, Sheldon, 6'3", 305 Pounds, OL/DL Multiple Schools Chet anchored the line both ways for Sheldon and was a real force.  He looks great as a Center/Guard but really good as a run stuffer at DT/Nose.  Should lead another stacked team at Sheldon this season.




Justin Calo, Southridge, 6'0", 170 Pounds, WR Multiple Schools Calo is fast and has great hands.  We analysed him in two games and his ability to break into the open and find gaps in the coverage are why he averaged over 20 yards per catch.  A good prospect who will get some serious looks this season.




Justin Adams,  6'6", 205 Pounds, Sandy High QB Mulitple Schools Justin put up huge numbers with almost 2800 yards passing.  Hey threw 12 picks but had a good completion % and is a very good athlete.  He holds close to a 4.0 GPA so this is a kid that could be an Ivy Leaguer or go almost anywhere else.  A Top QB Prospect for this year in the Pacific Northwest!




Usaia Aisea, Lincoln, 6'2", 260 Pounds, OL/DL Multiple Schools The big man has above average strength and moves very well.  We like him as a DT or DE and he can clearly block too.  A collegian who should be a top line recruit this season.




Jonathan Kennion, Clackamas, 6'2", 255 Pounds, OL/DL Multiple Schools We saw Kennion last season and liked his effort and the fact he did not take many plays off.  He should have a shot at the next level and is an above average athlete with good speed.  One to watch!




Malcom Lewis, Westview, 6'0", 290 Pounds,  OL/DL Multiple Schools Big man on the bubble.  A natural born athlete who owns his space on the field and works hard.  He can make it to the collegiate level with hard work and determination.  STRONG!



Jake Leary, 6'2"-275 Pounds, Ol/DL-Milwaukie Multiple Schools

Not a harder worker out there.  Next to Brenner and Kluge he is your strong man in state.  The kid is going to play in college and now it is just a matter of time and some more game film.  The kid is tough!


Neil Wagner, Lake Oswego, 6'2", 200 Pounds , LB Multiple Schools Wagner was everywhere on the field last season for the Lakers.  He is a great Backer in pass coverage and seems to always be around the football.  Can be used in the offense in a number of ways too.




Taylor Grimmett, Horizon Christian, 5'11", 185 Pounds, Athlete Multiple Schools What do you do with a kid like this guy who just does it all so well.  He runs well, catches well, and has a Huge leg.  A young man who some college will be very lucky to have looked at this year as they will get a gem of a recruit.



Jake Dufault, 6'0", 190 Pounds, South Salem, Ath Mulitple Schools Jake is a great looking player who we feel can play and start at the collegiate level.  His toughness and football savvy come partly from his Head Coach dad who is very successful in his own right.



AJ McCollum, Aloha HS, 6'2", 260 Pounds, OL/DL Mulitple Schools He proved himself in the offseason and in 2011.  This kid has good strength and very good feet!  This should be a guy who will hook up with Sullivan and Kearsley to get space for Tyner to run.  A solid kid for 2013's class.



Mason Ross, McNary, 6'2"-245 Pounds-Linemen Multiple Schools

Tough Kid.  So technical.  A guy that will surprise people and win games because he is a better linemen then almost anyone.  A small school kid.  This is what High School Football comes down to.


Hayden Ficek, 6'3", 250 Pounds, South Salem, O line Mulitple Schools Hayden never backs down and outworks most athletes.  There is a toughness here with this kid that is rare and that you just dont see too often.  He has the heart and the desire to play at the next level.



Sam Riddle,  Century HS, 6'2", 185 Pounds, QB Multiple Schools Soft touch, accuracy, speed, and a nice arm all up to really good things.  Riddle is a 3 sport stud and could easily get a strong look at the qb spot after a great 2011 campaign.



Zach Selland, Horizon Christian, 6'3", 180 Pounds, WR Mulitple Schools A really nice looking athlete and with Grimmet and Houston should bring a powerful presence to the field for HC.  Led the team in TD's and Production.  Long lean kid with nice moves!



Travis DeRocher, Newport High, 5'11", 195 Pounds, SS/FS Mulitple Schools Ball Hawk who is proven and is a big time hitter as well.  Travis has good speed and should be on his way to the collegiate ranks.



Anthony Jarvis, Hidden Valley, 6'2,5", 285 pounds, OL/DL Multiple Schools Tough kid from down south who no doubt belongs in the discussion about the linemen we have this year who can move on the college.  His film showcases a nasty kid who can grind!



Lawrence Wilson, Central Catholic,6'4", 200 Pounds, WR Mulitple Schools Big target who has good hands and speed.  Should be a fun guy to watch this season as Aidan Wilder takes on the QB spot and will be looking for a big target like Wilson.  This young man has a high ceiling and is a terrific!



Xavier Mitchell, Century, 6'0", 160 Pounds, WR Mulitple Schools Watch this film and you will see why he was named First Team All League.  The kid can flat out play and he an Riddle should make quite a tandem.



Josh Harper, Marist, 6'4", 200 Pounds, WR/DE/OLB Mulitple Schools A hooper who takes his athleticism to the Gird Iron and attacks Over 10 Sacks last season.  Plays that hybrid OLB/DE roll and is a great pass rusher.  Looks like he can be a big WR target as well.  Should be fun to watch this kid again in 2012.



Dylan Lewis, Sheldon, 6'0", 165 Pounds, WR-DB Mulitple Schools Rising Junior should be a leader this next year for the Irish.  We saw flashes of brilliance in the games we watched and that is why it is easy to get fired up after watching his film again.



Mitch Lewis, Sheldon, 5'11", 165 Pounds, WR/DB Multple schools 9 TD's and 3 Picks on his way to being a big part of the tough Irish Squad.  Look for him to try and lead the Irish back to a State Title in 2012.



Demontrial Spinks, Reynolds, 6'1", 175 Pounds, Ath Mulitple Schools Kid had a break out 2011 season and did a little of it all in the process.  Withs some blocking upfront he can tear it up from a Tb or Slot and can play WR too.



Pat Alexander,  S. Medford, 5'11", 210 Pounds, LB Mulitple Schools First team All League Backer for Alexander in one of the toughest leagues in the State. Pat is patient, smart, and is great in run support.  A terrific HS Football player capable of moving on!



Jake Hall, Salem Academy, 6'4", 210 Pounds, TE/DE Mulitple Schools He is a little hard to gauge but is totally destroying the offenses in the 2 A football Division. Jake wil set the all time records before he is done.  Worth a look by any college and at this point he has done enough to catch our attention too!



Dallas Thompson, St Helens, 5'11", 165 Pounds Mulitple Schools Dallas was a threat both ways.  His film showcases a very talented athlete as well.




Kyle Peterson, Lake Oswego, 6'2", 225 Pounds, C Multiple Schools Peterson is a leader with mad skill.  He was the heart of the team at times and will always be rigth in the thick of things.  A super smart kid who translates defenses and reads better then most.  Look for him to lead again this season for the defending champs!
Julius Rucker, Westview, 6'3", 190 Pounds, WR/QB/FS Mulitple Schools Julius is a very gifted player who has shown flashes of D-1 capability.  This is  fast athletic player that cold move all the way into the upper ranks and who has not begun to reach his celing yet.




Cordell Harris, 5'9" 170 Pounds,  DB/WR-Grant High School Mulitple Schools

This guy cna catch and run.  Period.  A DB and a WR who could really bust out this year!  


James Banks, Sheldon, 6'0"-215-LB  

Kids can play.  Moving around seems to be trying to find the right fit.  One ot watch.,


Austin Faunce, 6'2"-235 Pounds-Lake Oswego-Line  

Faunce has proven to be an elite big man.  He can play at the college level no doubt.  He has a great demeanor and is the sort of kid that will lead the Lakers back to a shot at the Title!


Caleb Wells, 6'4"-245 Pounds, Benson   We have seen him.  He is a physical beast.  We need to see more but this is a guy to take a look at as a TE or DE.  He has a good motor!


 Additional Notes and Athletes


Other Top Recruits 2013 Class:

Jonah Koski- (QB)  Bend 6'3", 180 Pounds    http://www.hudl.com/athlete/819253/jonah-koski

Sam Curtis; (DE) South Medford 6'5", 230 Pounds

Branden Cutsforth (TE/DE) Central 6'2", 210 Pounds

Jeffrey Williams- (WR) Tualatin, 6'2", 215 poundshttp://www.hudl.com/athlete/633653/jeff-williams

Andrew Schlottmann- Tualatin 6-2 190 pounds     http://www.hudl.com/athlete/602998/andrew-schlottmann

Brett Nielsen (OL)- Sheldon 6'3", 300 Pound

Max Bailey- (QB)  Putnam, 6'2", 180 Pounds  http://www.hudl.com/athlete/536464

Ryan Hendry (WR/DB)- Sunset 6'0", 170 Pounds  http://www.hudl.com/athlete/72594/ryan-hendry

Dakota Kemper (RB)- Banks 5-10 185 pounds

Jeremy Poyer-(ATH) Astoria 6-2 220 pounds LB/QB

Ivan Faulhauber- (WR/LB)- Sheldon 6'3", 215 Pounds http://www.hudl.com/athlete/630023/ivan-faulhaber

Nate Henkle-(ATH-TB)  West Salem 5-9 170 Pounds    

Daniel Harper (RB, DB)- Scio 6-0 195 Pounds

Dallas Thompson- (DB-ATH) St Helens  5'11", 165 Pounds 

Mason Ross (DE/OL)- McNary 6-2 225 Pounds

Alec Powell (SB/CB)- Southridge 5-9 170 Pounds

Zach Salton (RB, S)-Tualatin 5'9" 170 Pounds   http://www.hudl.com/athlete/603283/zach-salton

Ben Hartmeier (RB, LB)- Jesuit 5'8", 175 Pounds

Ryan Pappenfuss (LB, RB)- Aloha High  6'1", 210 Pounds  

Adrian Garcia (WR)- South Medford- 6', 165 Pounds     

Ivan Faulhaber (LB, WR-TE)- Sheldon 6'3", 212 Pounds       

Max Bailey (QB)- Rex Putnam 6'2", 180 Pounds    Pat Alexander (LB)- S.Medford 5-11 200 Pounds    

Jalynn Bailey (RB) S, Salem 5'11", 190 Pounds 

EDITORS NOTE:  We watch film and lots of games as well as follow all state and all league rankings.  But we do miss guys once and a while and for sure we have a big job.  If we missed someone please do not sit there and gripe!  Pick up the phone and or email Dirk.  We are here to help all the kids in the Region.  503-799-8383 or email me here.



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