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April 16, 2013

Chasing The Dream 2013 - Update #2

Update #2 Chasing The Dream – 04/13/2013

The boys of the NW in our groundbreaking progressive series on the inner workings of being a High School Football recruit made some really big strides in the past 2 weeks since we brought you the first installment.    Since the first Update about 2.5 weeks ago we have had Devante Downs named an Army All American (WOW),  Connor Humphreys landed Boston College and USC , and Vanderbilt and was named Rivals UA Camp MVP in Los Angeles,  Cole McGinnis named Camp Defensive MVP at the FBU in Los Angeles,  and we just had Nick Mitchell commit to OSU.

We have asked all of our participants for an update as well as our Question of the Week:

“What is the hardest position in your opinion to succeed and stand out at on the football field and why? I want an honest response and why you feel that way. If it happens to be the position you play great. If you know another position that is harder to be “the guy” at in your view tell us!”

Check Out their responses in Update #2.

Join us in 2013 as we follow the trials and tribulations of these  Northwest Prospects in Pursuit of the Dream of  Playing College Football.

Join us in 2013 as we follow the trials and tribulations of these Northwest Prospects in Pursuit of the Dream of Playing College Football.


Connor Humphreys – Central Catholic HS- OR- 6’4- 265 lbs – DE/OL – 2014

4 Stars- Rivals

Film Link

Offers-  WSU, OSU, Cal, ASU, BSU, PSU, Wyoming, USC, Vanderbilt


Our Take-  This kid we have seen up close and personal.  His speed and size are unmatched.  Period.  He MVP’s the Rivals Under Armour Camp in LA at Defensive Line and was unstoppable.  His demeanor, ability to hand fight, and beat O linemen, as well as some nifty moves make him special.  Should be the next All American from Central Catholic!


Update- “Right now with recruiting I am starting to hear more from SEC schools, coaches from Mississippi State, Tennessee and Vanderbilt have contacted me.  I have an offer now from USC and Vanderbilt to go with the others I have.”


Question of the Week- 

The hardest position to stand out and succeed is Quarterback. They have to get the play from the coach and then let 10 other guys know their responsibilities. They control the whole offense which is no easy task. Then they have to make the right reads on the defense which is also no easy task.”



Christan Olson- Ferris HS , WA- Quarterback 6’2” 190 lbs – 2014

 Film Link

Offers- None Yet 

Our Take-  Christian is playing his 3rd season for Ferris HS in Spokane, Wash.  This guy is a student and friend of legendary QB Coach Tom Martinez ( RIP).  He had a good 2012 closing on on 2,000 yards.  A gunslinger in every sense of the word.  Will he rise up to grab his Golden Ticket to the College scene?  We would not bet against this kid who is driven!



“In the last two weeks I have been contacted by WSU, UW, Rice, and Harvard. I have attended a spring practice at both WSU and UW. I had a phone call with my area recruit from Harvard and they are very interested in me and see my as one of their top recruits.”


“I believe that the hardest position to stand out and succeed is offensive line. They play the most important role each offensive play but never get praised for big plays of touchdowns. They never touch the ball so they don’t get to score but they are the reason that plays are successful and without them the offence would never score.”


 Gunnar Amos-  QB at Cour D’Alene High School- ID- 6’1’- 195 lbs – 2014

Film Link

Offers-  Idaho State 

Our Take- Gunnar had 3,700 yards last season and landed an offer from Idaho State University when he was a Sophomore.  He is a dual-threat QB and has a terrific arm and skill set.   He is very fast as well and should be looked at by anyone at any level!  4.56 40 time and a true leader! 


“My recruiting has picked up a lot recently Utah state and Wyoming have both showed alot of interest. Along with probably 6 new FCS schools from Southern Illinois to Weber State.” 

Question Of The Week- 

“I honestly think that quarterback is the hardest position to succeed in just because there is so much more to the position then just being able to throw the ball. As a quarterback you’re the leader of the teAm everyone looks up to you. You get to much credit when you win and get to much credit for a loss.” 


 Jake LaCoste- West Albany HS RB – OR- 5’10”- 200 lbs – 2014


Offers- Air Force 

Our Take-  A 2nd team All American last year Jake is an amazing playmaker.  Speed, Power, and Stamina are the name of this guys game.  You’re not going to stop him.  Proof of that was his 3,077 yards and 38 TD’s in 2012 averaging 11.1 yards per carry.  Think about that one while you watch his film.


“I’m still working hard at track and lifting. There are no updates at this time in colleges.”

 Question Of The Week- 

“It is hard to pick a position that stands out as the hardest position to succeed at and be seen by prospecting coaches. On one hand, I feel that the lineman position is hard, it is not a very visible position and they are always in a crowd, unlike a receiver or running back. On the other hand it is hard for a running back to stand out because we are all similar in size, quickness, and usually the fastest guys in the school. The type of team offense that is played can also make it hard for a running back to standout. A zone offense is good for me because I like to choose my own holes, but that might not be work for other running backs.”




Jarius McDade- O’Dea HS Linemen- WA- 6’3”- 295 lbs – 2014

Film Link

Offers- Idaho

 Our Take –   Jarius is a low leverage super star.  Quick Feet, Powerful frame, and a young man who knows how to finish.  The Irish have had some good D-linemen and this guy is another one.  Love his personality too. He and Griffin are 1-2 in the D Tackle Group!  He has landed a D1 Offer and more are coming in!


- Jarius Landed his first offer since the Chasing the Dream Series Broke.  It came in from the Idaho Vandals.  It was for Defensive Tackle-

Checking in with him on other schools we found out that Boise State,  Colorado State, the  UW,  Neveda,  Utah,  ASU,  SDSU,  WSU and CAL are all in contact with him and even Oregon is looking close too.

Question of the Week –  NA



 Austin Holmes-  Eagle Point – OR- TE/DE- 6’5” 240 lbs- 2014

Film Link

Offers- None Yet 

Our Take-  Joining Us from Down I-5 just a little North of Medford is Austin Holmes.  This big rangy kid will be a hot commodity-  Believe me.  When the scouts and coaches see this kid moving around the way he does anything can happen.  He is big and agile.  His brother Tyrone is at Montana and the Grizzlies, Vikings, and ASU Sun Devils are moving on this guys film!  We welcome Austin into the CTD Family!


“ I have still been getting the generic recruiting letters from the ivy leagues and PAC 12 schools.” 

Question of The Week:   In my view the hardest position is quarterback.  He has to be the leader of team and a lots of the pressure is on him and he has to make tough decision that can affect the outcome of the game.” 


 Isaiah Brandt-Sims-  Wenatchee HS – 5’11”- 185 lbs- RB/DB/Safety 2014

Film Link-

Offers – UW, SMU, Wyoming, CSU, Harvard, Idaho, ASU, UTAH, Harvard 

Our Take- Major offers keep rolling in for the speedy kid from East of the Cascades.  This season he should finally be the guy with the ball in his hands.  He could easily go 2,500 yards.  And 2nd astest kid in the US with a 6.64 indoor 60 M time.  An amazing talent!  He has already run a 10.62 100 M and it is not even warm yet.  Big enough to play big time football and fast enough to win Pac 12 Track Meets!  WOW!


Utah and Harvard both offer him this week and in addition he ran a 10.62 100 Meter making him the fastest kid in the NW right now.  He is in the Top 20 in the US for the 100 Meter and the 200 Meter and he is on track to win the State again in both events which make him a 3 year champ potentially.

He is aiming to play football and we covered him this week in the Football VS Track Controversy!

 Question of the Week -  Isaiah was clear.  In his view the QB spot is the toughest by a wide margin.  So much to know – so much pressure.  He has nothing but respect for these athletes!


 Mack Hopkins – Connell High School – 6’5”- 300 lbs Linemen- 2014

Film Link

Offers- None Yet

 Our Take- Big Mack is a standout linemen we saw win a state title as a 10th grader.  The kid can really finish blocks.  He is from the small wheat farming town of Connell where football means everything most of the year.  Can he make it?  We believe he will. 


“These last couple of weeks have been pretty slow; the only new schools I have interest from is Boise State and Idaho.  I have been invited to a few camps other than that i’m not sure because i have been in iIaly for the past week on a school trip!” 

Question of the Week-  “The position I feel is the hardest to be “the guy” at is I would have to say an offensive lineman because they get little credit for helping out the running back or the QB;  they don’t make spectacular catches or score touchdowns; and they are a key part of the offense but people rarely notice the linemen thats my opinion”



 Marcus Griffin – Bellevue High School- Linemen – 6’3”- 285 lbs. 2014

Film Link

 Offers-  Wyoming, Idaho, WSU, Colorado State 

Our Take-   Marcus was first seen at the 2012 NW Elite Sports Camp (Gesser Camp) where he was a standout among the older class.  At 6’3″- 285 lbs this monstrous athlete can swallow up RB’s and QB’s with a single move.  He is a hot recruit with Pac 12 offers in hand.  One of the most commanding linemen on the West Coast this season bar none.


“Most recent contact with schools have been with UTEP, Arizona, and others have sent me mail recently. But I have a school that has my full attention right now, and could possibly receive a commitment from me if things continue as such.”

 Question of the Week- 

“Honestly i feel like sometimes being a lineman in general no matter what side can be difficult to stand out, because when someone makes a big play they never think about the lineman who made the block for that play, or the guy who chased the ball carrier into the tackler.” 


 E’Lon Mack – Heritage High School- Wide Receiver – Athlete – 6’1”- 185 lbs 2014

Film Link

Offers- None Yet

 Our Take-  Mack had almost 800 yards and averaged 25 yards plus per catch.  He is Electric, Dynamic, and physical.  There is a toughness about Mack that you want in a top WR.  Should be a top 2-3 WR in the NW this season.  Star power kid right here.


“Recruitment has been pretty much the same. Staying in touch with the same schools. Schools including Harvard, PSU, WSU, ASU, and Boise State. I’ve been invited to San Diego State, Oregon and Boise State for Spring camps and I will be attaching Boise State and Oregon’s camps in those times.” 

Question Of The Week- 

“As far as the hardest position I think it’s any position on the O-Line because not only do you have to do your job if it wasn’t for them nothing would happen. They have to know their assignments according to however the defense lines up and make the correct blocks along with having to execute it. D Linemen are some of the best athletes on the field and someone has to stop them. The hogs up front have to help running backs find holes, Quarterbacks from being demolished and well yeah I love our linemen because without them there is no pass game.” 


 Dylan Donohue- Lakewood High School – 6’1”- 275 lbs-  Linemen – 2014

Film Link

Offers-  None Yet 

Our Take-  MVP of Stan Brock’s Trench Camp against a loaded bunch of guys.  This power house kid is technically sound and explosive to boot.  Projects well as a guard or NT/DT.  Anything is possible when Dylan enters the field and we can not wait to see him play again. 


“Latest in recruiting for me is that I have been invited to attend Boise State and Portland State football camps this summer. I have also received mail from Air Force and Yale.” 

Question of the Week -  “You asked us a great question in what is the hardest position in my opinion to succeed and stand out at on the football field; the popular choice I would assume is quarterback. To me the hardest position is playing on the offensive line, anywhere from tackle to center. Offensive lineman have to be nasty and be physical for all 48 minutes of a game. The only time most people even realize there is an offensive line is when you mess up. I feel as though it is really difficult to stand out as an offensive lineman because not everyone gives credit to the run and pass blocking “job”. All the attention and credit normally goes to the skill positions. That’s just my opinion!”


 Kaleb McGary – Fife High School – 6’8”- 270 lbs- TE / Linemen 2014

Rivals 4 Star

Film Link

Offers-  ASU, CAL, Nebraska, Oregon, OSU, WSU, UW, UTAH 

Our Take-  Kaleb McGary is a 4 Star major D-1 recruit who began his ride with us a year ago as we covered his very first camp.  WIth 9 Majors in hand he is among the leaders in  the region for offers next to Bellevue’s Budda Baker and Devante Downs.  So big and so agile.  He would love to be a Tight End but knows too that O-Tackle is where most people see him playing both Saturday and Sunday.  The kid is a hard working young man who simply gets it done.  Wow!


 “I’ve been on spring break so I haven’t relieved much mail but I’ve been getting letters from Princeton, Duke, Harvard and Yale, as well as Alabama, and Florida st. As far as the process goes I’m still walking that line, keeping my eyes open and crossing off no names yet.” 

Question Of The Week-  “I believe the hardest position is tight end or QB, because at both positions you depend on another person(s) in order to get real recognition, as a tight end you are a lineman that can catch, if you are not used then you are not seen.  As a QB you depend on your linemen to keep you safe and the receivers to be open and where they need to be, when they need to be there, plus they must also catch the ball.”


 Jordan Morgan – Southridge High School- 6’2”- 200 lbs-  WR – Athlete – 2014

Film Link-

Offers- San Jose State, PSU 

Our Take-  What you may not know is the quality if person this kid is.  He is amazing.  On the football field this kid has quick twitch reaction time mixed with real speed and size.  San Jose State may be a perfect fit and they offered but it is of so early.  He has Pac 12 ability.  We see him being a leader on both sides and special teams this year.


Updates- “Right now I have been offered by two great programs PSU, and SJSU.  Asu is going to come watch how I run at a track meet to see how I run.  The hardest part recruiting wise for me is I’m more of a 70 m sprinter so that my 100 time doesn’t reflect my actual football speed and I’ve been trying to show my athleticism by doing multiple events.”


 Devante Downs- Mountlake Terrace High School -WA- 6’3”- 235 lbs 2014

4 Star Rivals Prospect- US Army All American

Film Link

Offers-  ASU, BSU, CAL, CSU, Oregon State, UTAH, Vanderbilt, UW, WSU, Stanford, Cal, Arizona

 Our Take-  Now with 11 Offers this young man has shown that he has the unique combination of size and speed that few others have.  He has a very bright future and as we move ahead in the series he has the confidence to know he can reach all his Dreams!  He is on the All American Watch list and should be a  US Army All American.  Best Big Back in the West!


“I have been speaking with most of the schools that have offered me already working on building relationships with the coaching staffs which is important in deciding my college future. Recently I spoke with coach Mattison, the DC for Michigan, and he expressed interest in me saying he liked my tape (which means a lot because he’s coached in the NFL at Florida etc,)”

 Question Of The Week -  “As for the hardest position on the field I’d say QB because of all the reads you have to make on a throwing play, always having to worry about a sack coming from your blindside and multiple other things. I think quarterback is the hardest, but all positions have something about them that is difficult.”


 Nick Mitchell – Mt Si HS- WA – Quarterback – 6’2”- 185 lbs 2014

Film Link-

Offers-  Oregon State- Committed

 Our Take- Widely regarded as a top QB in the Region Nick is coming off a really big 2012 campaign that saw his team come close to going all the way.  He had 2,350 yards, 37 TD’s.  He was First Team All King Co.  A great arm, accurate, and he is smart.  What can and will he do to stand out and get his shot?  Stay tuned and find out first hand! 

Updates-  Nick is fully committed to OSU now.  In Week one of CTD he grabbed his first major offer.  The Oregon State Beavers offered him, his brother Josh plays there, and he and his family decided this is the one.  He says he is 100% off the board. 

Look for updates from Nick throughout our run with Chasing the Dream as offers was simply a part of it.  The story is the one behind the scenes on what guys like Nick do to make it! 

Catch The Nick Mitchell Commitment story here-


 Liam Talty – Sheldon High School- OR- 6’4”- 225 lbs Line backer – Athlete 2014

Film Link

Offers- None Yet

 Our Take- A rising star and State Champion.  An Instinctual athlete in a big lean frame who explodes off the ball and closes on opponents.  Will be an OLB or walk up Defensive End and is just getting his recruitment going! Terrific Prospect!


“In terms of recruiting, I am pretty much in the same situation that I was in for the first update. I received a letter from Boise State saying that they would like for me to attend their camp to get a better look at me, but besides that there has not been much activity.“ 

Question of the Week 

“I would have to say the hardest position to succeed and stand out on the football field would be the offensive-line or more specifically the Center. Quarterbacks, running-backs, and wide-receivers stand out more than any other position on the field for their touchdown’s and total offense but many times the linemen get overlooked. Without the line, nothing would be able to be accomplished. A great line can make mediocre running-back look amazing, or they can give a quarterback enough time in the backfield to not have to handle the pressure of defense in his face. The reason why i highlighted the center is because every play starts with him, and without a consistent snap, an offense wouldn’t be able to be run plays.  Also, in critical situations, such as in the red zone  an offense must be able to execute. If the center has a bad snap at a critical time in a game that goes over the quarterbacks head it could be the difference between winning and losing. On defense, i feel that all positions have an equal opportunity to stand out. Anyone on defense can make the big game changing play at anytime.”


 Cole McGinnis- Gooding High School- Idaho –  6’5”- 270 lbs – 2014

Film Link -

Offers- None Yet 

Our Take-  The Boys in Oregon and Washington that play the line positions better keep an eye on this guy because he could steal the Thunder.  Or at least take his share.  An absolute Beast of a kid with no Facebook and nothing but power and character to bring to a team!  BSU, UW, WSU, and other are moving in. 

Updates- “ BYU is now in contact with me.  I have talked to Coach Beck on Tuesday.  He said the whole coaching staff was very impressed with my film.  They are excited to get me to Provo.  All other colleges are still in contact with me too.” 

This update should add that he was the MVP of a very good group at the FBU Camp in California where he beat up on some serious D1 O-Line Talent.  His coach says that the phones have been blowing up in his office since we began CTD, ran a feature, and covered his film too.  The kid is very very good!    STORY IS HERE

Question Of The Week-  ”I think any position on the offensive line is important.  Something goes wrong it is their fault. Something goes well usually someone else who gets the credit, not the guy’s who started the play.”


 Asan Neil-Evergin  Timberline HS-WA-  5’8”- 170 lbs  RB / Athlete  2014

Film Link

Offers- None Yet

 Our Take- Nike Camp MVP from 2012 at RB and a young man who will get a load of carries this season at Timberline. Great speed, vision, and determination.  Can he move on to the next level?  All signs say yes.  A hard working student athlete looking to land his first offer; like most kids. 


Recruiting News -”As of now, I have received a letter from Westpoint (Army) and a few more letters from Memphis. SDSU has recently sent me a brochure inviting me to come out to any of their camps sometime. This past weekend, I was at WSU for one of the practices I was invited to, and got to talk with coach Mastro a little bit. He remembered me which was a plus and told me to keep close contact, so I will be keeping up with that. I’m really looking forward to the full-padded camp at Boise State and showcasing my skills upfront to their coaching staff. I know they’ll be keeping a close eye out for me. As of right now as far as recruiting wise though, there are still the same schools which have showed interest (ASU/NIU/NAU/CSU/SDSU/Utah/UM/BSU/WSU). I’m just really excited to get out to these camps and show what I can do with the ball, more so than what I did on defense during the past season. I know I can impress and then improve.” 

Question of The Week- “The hardest position to succeed at on the field I would have to say would be Quarterback. Making decisions, the right calls, sensing pressure, being accurate, and knowing when to run could probably get a little hectic. I, as an RB/DB/Slot receiver, don’t have to make those decisions. I can just be an athlete and attack. With the speed and durability, being a RB just comes as an enjoyment to me.” 


 Kimane Domena-  Roosevelt HS Oregon- 6’2”- 195lbs – QB – 2015

Film Link-

Offers-  BYU, CSU, PSU,

 Our Take- A Roosevelt Rough Rider on the rise!  Kimane Domena may be the Top QB in the West for 2015.  He went for 2500 yards and 38 TD’s as a 10th grader.  That is only scratching the surface of what is possible with this top guy who has offers from BYU and Colorado State, and PSU already.


Kimane has been busy.  The youngster comes in as the hottest QB in the State of Oregon with offers from BYU and Colorado State and last week travelled to PSU with his team and his Coaches.  Four of the Rough Riders landed offers in one day last week and KImane was one of them.  The kid is such a superb athlete.  He is fighting like most kids to balance school, his personal life, and all the pressure that comes with being a D1 QB as a 10th grader.  He can be an All American if he continues like this and that is no joke.  We spoke by phone briefly and he is encouraged at all the interest he has generated and very happy for his team mates.  More coming soon!


 AJ Hotchkins – Tigard High School – Oregon – RB /ATH 2014 6’0” 225 lbs

Film Link

Offers-  Idaho

 Our Take-   A physical beast AJ has a very unique skill set.  He is muscular beyond compare, has a lower center of gravity, great top end speed, and long arms.  He generates a lot of power and is the #1 lead blocker in the Region.  AJ Can catch passes, finish runs, and is crazy weapon as a Linebacker.  Some lucky school recruiting wisely  is going to land a blue chip kid here. 


” Cal is verrryyyyy intrested and said I am a top LB recruit now! I have been getting hand written letters from Colorado.  I just got off the phone with UW.  And PSU of course.  OSU shows some interest and wants me to come visit. And Boise state is talking to me on Facebook right now”


 Travante Robinson – Jackson HS- WA.  RB/ ATH 2014

Film Link

Offers- None Yet 

Our Take- Young man has the WOW Factor.  He can really move.  Watch his film and you will see a playmaker with big time potential.  Could project at any level with a little more size coming into the season. 


 “Dirk, I had conversations with Coach Aaron Best of Eastern Washington, and Brad Davis of Portland St., received lots of mail from Arizona State and Colorado State. There’s interest from Coach Vaugh from Nevada Reno. I keep my options open with a possibilities of playing Junior College. My Dad is really making calls for me and what I really want, “I WANT TO BE AN OREGON DUCK,” get at me, you seen the film, see ya in JUNE!!! TREY ROBINSON aka “THE SLOT MACHINE”” 

Question of The Week-  “ I think the hardest position in my opinion is the center position because they are physical the whole game, they are the first contact when the ball snaps, actually any offensive linemen, they are unsung Heros.”

Special Note-  “Shoutout to my friend, Devante Downs, we alone, with Andrew Basham played youth football together for the Lynnwood Tigers under Coach Maurice, we rocked everyone, and look at us now, shining bright like a diamond, haha.”



 Alex Weber – Chiawana HS Pasco, Washington – RB/LB 6’2”- 223 lbs


OFFERS – None Yet

 Our Take-  If anyone can send me information on a tougher more hard working kid then this I want to see him.  The sledge-hammer of a hitter is one of the most physical kids in the Region and his strength numbers are just insane.  One of the stars of the Chiawana Riverhawks these past two seasons Alex is on his way to great things.  All of the Ivy League and a handful of D-1 schools out West are on him.  His film is very good and this guy is Blue Chip on and off the field! 

Update-  “I Started sorting through my mail the last couple weeks –pic attached– and quite a few coaches gave me their cell numbers so I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone with a few of them. Coach Poppe at Harvard let me know I am top 3 recruit for them and asked me to visit, so I’ll now be going there the first part of July.  This morning I had a long talk with Head Coach Archer at Cornell after he sent me an email that he really wanted me to play for them. Their business school is legendary so we spoke a lot about that. He said my film was the best he’s seen so far this year and was talking about me starting for him as a Freshman. We ended with working on locking in a date for me to go visit. I had a great talk this week with Coach Hout at Boise. He’s a really cool guy and told me lots of reasons why I should go there. Also Stanford got a hold of me last week and wanted my transcript and some other info. Both of these are great programs. I remember how in my first couple years of High School how much I had my focus towards UW, but I tell you, when you really start looking at the value of where an Ivy League education takes you in life, not to mention how professional and ambitious several Ivy League coaches have been towards me, I think I’m being swayed their way. After talking to 4 or 5 of them, it seems they’ve noticed I’ve been adding 20-25 lbs and an inch or two every year for the last 3 years and since I just turned 17 a few months ago, they think I’ll be unstoppable in another year .”

Question Of The Week-  “As far as my opinion to what the hardest position to succeed AND standout is, I’m pretty sure that’s got to be the Center. Think about it, they have to know the entire offensive playbook while commanding the O line, know what each defensive lineman is doing, recognize blitz schemes, flawlessly get the ball to the QB and then block right away after that. That position also requires agility on top of size and the needed intelligence. We’ve all seen offenses that continue to be successful after a QB gets replaced and I think in many cases it’s because of a great Center, yet it seems what happens most of the time is that all the credit goes to the backup QB.”

TAGS Chasing The Dream

About the AuthorDirk Knudsen

Dirk is a lifelong resident of the Pacific NW; athlete and Merit scholar. He runs camps, clinics, and has been a sports writer and analyst for nearly a decade now; mostly with Rivals.com as the editor of OregonPreps and WashingtonPreps.com. Dirk is the founder of NWPR & BrainChampions.org; a charity for injured athletes suffering from Brain Trauma / Concussion. He is a father of three and married.

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