Austin Baird and Chad Bach Leading Teams Into Playoffs

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An Oregon Double-Dip tonight. Tow great kids and two great stories from the State of Oregon.
Down I-5 Is Marist High School in Eugene and just 100 miles or so over the Cascades is Mountain View. One home to the most prolific scoring machine in the 5A and the other home to the Technical Master of the O'Line.
Both kids share the fact that they are Top Prospects for 2013 and targets of Portland State University. One has committed and one has not.
So Let's dive in and take a look at these two kids.
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Austin Baird - Marist High School 2013-
6'0'-175 Pounds
RB /WR/Safety / KR / ATH
Austin is simply amazing. He started the year as one of our Top Recruits and was listed in all of our mailers for theBest of 2013- See the List Here.
His Move to Running Back these past few weeks has been jaw dropping. He produced 411 yards one week and 385 plus yards the next and racked up 9 TD's.
On the season he has over 1500 yards and 18 TD's catching passes and running the football all over the field. He returns Kicks and Punts and starts on Defense too.
Many believe he will end up on defense in college. He has a solid verbal into Portland State University and after the performance of this guy with the football in his hands he might be a guy they will consider in that role next season if all goes as planned.
"Freakish Talent" seems to be the term most people us when they write about him. We will leave that one alone but after watching this film (SEE AUSTIN'S FILM HERE) we have to admit he is certainly a stand out in this NW Class of 2013. Maybe one of 3 or 4 guys in the region that have produced anything this convincing.
His 4.5 speed and top rated leaping ability make him an alluring choice. Watching this film you see a kid making mince-meat out of opponents. He would be a great fit at any number of schools and will sure be one heck of a Viking if he signs with PSU.
"It's quiet right now. Still Committed to PSU. I have heard from OSU a fair amount and I think there is some interest there but who knows," he said.
"He is agressive, Fearless, truly a kid that is among the finest I have ever coached. And he has been pounded these past couple of weeks at the RB spot and has remained unstoppable. Austin has a bright future for sure," said Head Coach Frank Geske who has coached at the Collegiate level and won State Titles as well.
The Spartans won their League and only lost this season to #1 Sherwood finishing the year at 8-1. Therefore they get a BYE WEEK and will play 11-9 in the first round of the playoffs.
Best wishes to Austin and his team going forward.
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Chad Bach- Mountain View High School 2013
Offensive Line- Defensive Line
Call him the technician. Because there is not one athlete in this region playing the line positions that can beat him when he is on. His footwork and hand placement and overall stance and get off is amazing. This kid can really play.
Most linemen have a couple of Pancakes they can brag about in a season. Chad will have so many of them per game it is obvious he is the best linemen pound for pound out there.
He is now 6'4"- 280 Pounds and has added muscle as the season has progressed.
He also holds an offer from Portland State and has other teams circling him. Chad also reports having a preferred Walk-On offer to play for Oregon and reports that Steve Greatwood loves his chances to make the team on scholarship in the next couple of years.
That has no doubt caused a real dilemma. He clearly would be able to play early at PSU and contribute. But as badly as he beats people on plays he in his hear does not feel anyone can stop him. And that sort of pride and burning desire to be the best is what makes this tough nosed kid so special.
That and some really really excellent Coaching from former Duck and NFL Linemen Neil Elshire just to name one guy who has instilled in Chad these techniques and beliefs.
This is a kid who will move on to college and be not only a great team mate but a great player. His work with the Homeless is well documented and we covered that and more right here in June of 2012.
What's next?
"Parkrose. Friday they come here to Bend to play us. And I feel good about our chances and think the team can make a run here. It's the Second Season and we are glad to be a part of it."
Here is a Video to his First Three Games of 2012 and he has only become quicker and bigger these past couple of months.
That is Double-Dip tonight for a couple of Oregon's Very best Student Athletes.
Double-Dip: A feature by Dirk Knudsen at Northwest Prep Report – where we offer you two kids in one tight feature in our quest to get you more and more stories of the State's very best athletes.
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About the AuthorDirk Knudsen
Dirk is a lifelong resident of the Pacific NW; athlete and Merit scholar. He runs camps, clinics, and has been a sports writer and analyst for nearly a decade now; mostly with as the editor of OregonPreps and Dirk is the founder of NWPR &; a charity for injured athletes suffering from Brain Trauma / Concussion. He is a father of three and married.
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