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War Room Update- Full Scale Assault Today For NW Recruits
byDirk Knudsen| Posted on Wednesday, January 30th, 2013
Wow the battle for the day is over and all the heavy artillery has quit firing. But boy was it raging out there today. The best of the NW had offers coming in andcommitments going down right and left. The smoke and haze is still clearing but from Cheney, Washington to Pocatello, Idaho and Missoula, Montana the bombs were dropping.
Given a few minutes to regroup before the next assault it is my pleasure to report from the War Room here at NWPR what I know. Here is the latest:
Johnny Ragin ???
Editors note: Johnny let us know that he felt the use of the term “flip” was not good in terms of how it might be viewed. So we have ceased the use of that word. In our view there is nothing wrong with an athlete making a change to a different school. The word “flip” is used in that case. It was not meant to be a negative but for accuracy we have corrected the use of this term with apologies to Johnny. That was not meant to mean anything negative. So we will characterize things differently and appreciate his position. He was only committed to BYU verbally once, changed his mind to Cal and is verballycommittedto them now. The Ducks have offered Johnny and he has not made a decision. That is where things stand as of 1-31-13 at 1:15 PM.
Wilsonville stud line backer Johnny Ragin was committed to BYUrecently Then just 3 days ago Cal got him to change his mind and he verbally committed there. That was a step up by most peoples account.
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One a BYU commit he is now a Cal commit and that may change to a Duck commit soon!
Well get ready for the next possible move.
The Oregon Ducks offered him tonight folks. Yep!
Oh baby that is tempting. He almost has to take it. It’s just too good of an ending to a great story of a local kid done good.
More to follow on this one but Johnny called us aprecocious Freshmen to tell us he was going to work to be the best. He sure did not lie about any of that. What a great turn of events!
Idaho State Makes More Moves
Armed with the NWPR War Room 2013 list they received a couple weeks back the Bengals have decided they will follow suit with PSU and EWU and come after the best kids they can get. They made offers to a 3 or 4 of Washington’s best and today they came after two of Oregon’s Best:
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Cristian Morris Of Sherwood led the Region in yards per carry. Photo By Jaxon-Pix
Cristian Morris is a sheer stud.The Bengals wanted a running back and today they offered him a full ride. The Sherwood Bowmen had a scholarship to D2 WOU. Now he has a full ride offer to a Big Sky school.
“It feels awesome. A big step for me. They want to fly me up this weekend so we will be going up. I need to see what they offer and what sort of place that is. But I am excited to make the trip,” said a clearly confident Morris.
He had the WOU offer and told us he had a preferred walk on worked out to go to OSU; a dream school for th e 6’0″-190lb star.
He is being sought out as a RB at ISU.
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6’3″-338 pound Skyler Phillips is on his way!
Skyler Phillips- 6’3″- 335 Pounds
The big boy got back on track as we reported yesterday by landing a full ride offer from the Bengals as well.
“Feels good. I am back in the game,” said Phillips who plans to meet the Coaches at his home tomorrow with his family and then move on to a visit.
He would be a star there at ISU potentially. He is a Pac 12 body and his earlier offer at OSU dissolved through no fault of his own.
Again ISU made some big moves here! Phillips could continue to heat up as more and more schools are coming in on him as he is a top talent in a shrinking talent pool of available guy.
Two of Oregon’s Very Hottest Guys Decide
Now here is a couple of household names that we knew would drop into place. And it is guys like this who can tip the balance of powers. The proverbialdomino that has to fall into place to make others link up. Both of them have several offers and were #1 on several drafts boards here in the NW. Their decisions tonight will dislodge the log jam as some schoolscrossthem off as an option and move to the #2 or #3 guy on the board.
Here is that power Couple and what we found out tonight.
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At 6’5″ and 295 Pounds Matthew Sommer is a terrific talent worth a serious look by any school.
Matt Sommers- 6’5″- 295 Pounds Defensive Tackle
West Salem is the home to a pure talent. Matt Sommer has had nothing but offers. Wyoming offered early then filled his spot but he holds 6 or 7 offers from all over the West and several Big Sky schools. Many thought he would be a PSU Viking! Tonight he went to the opposite end of the spectrum and pledged to EWU.
“I loved all the Coaches, the school, the players, and the town. I am into the outdoors and that town has it all for me. It is a perfect setting for me and I am going to be a Defensive Tackle and help EWU win a National Title. This was the best fit for me hands down.”
His film is here from 2013
Hiscommitmenttonight may open an offer for a guy like Phillips. Could Nigel Burton, PSU Head Coach, grab up Phillips and keep him in State? It’s very possible. By pulling the trigger now Sommer gave schools enough time to react to the decision and move on other guys. Time will tell. But the Eagles picked up a skilled player and terrific student athlete tonight! Another great Titan from Shawn Stanley’s team!
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Tonight Connor Strahm of Sheldon HS became a Montana Grizzly!
Player #2 in the power duodecidingtonight is Sheldon High’s Mr Everything
Connor Strahm; 6’1″-225 Pound Athlete.
He may be the only guy hotter them Sommer. He is no doubt super hot. Again many schools has a standing offer from the Offensive and DefensivePlayerOf The Year.
“Montana is where I am going. I am going to be a Grizzly,” said Strahm. ”I took a visit there and loved everything about it. The campus, coaches, tradition, everything.”
Missoula is no doubt the biggest crowd and wildest environmentyou can go play in at the D1-AA level. Strahm said he is all about that and wants to help the Grizzlies get back to the Championship!
What will be play?
“They have me as a Safety/Outside Backer for next year but that can always change. I’m mostly looking forward to getting a great experience away from Oregon in a place I had never been before my visit,” he added.
Connor is a special guy. He dictated the outcome of the 6A Oregon State Championship this year and was amazing. There is no reason to believe he will not have a similar success at Montana. He is the right guy at the right time for a program on the ropes a little from off field problems. But boy those Grizzlies are a tough bunch!
Strahm is a huge get. Again Boards all over the Region opened up tonight because Connor just declared.
In Other News—
The best linebacker in the region pulled the trigger last night.Evan Colorito, 6’4″ 250 pounds, decided it was time to head for Colorado State. The agile monster backer is so good.
He is fast, wide, gifted, and is only going to get bigger. Do not be surprised to see the Beaverton High School star end up at Defensive End or even Tight End before he is done.
“It’s just where my heart was,” Colorito said. “I felt like it was a great family atmosphere. They were recruiting me pretty hard and I respect them a lot and they respect me a lot. Both of my parents liked the coaches. It’s just the best fit for me and it’s where I felt most comfortable.”
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Evan Colorito had numerous offers and settled on Colorado State today!
He is a terrific young guy who we have enjoyed covering the past several years. We know he will be an impact guy for years to come and could even go on to play in the NFL like his father Tony.
One thing is for sure. Colorado State is a school that we will see back here in the coming years in Oregon and Washington soaking up some of our top talent and that by golly is just fine by us!
Guys in the Hunt Still
West Salem Running Back Ambrose Soh; 5’9″- 185 pounds.
The young gun who wowed fans last season set the school record Vertical Leap this week with a 36.5″ blast. He has a 4.5 40 yard dash, a 4.10 shuttle, a 270 bench, a 285 Power Clean, and many other impressive numbers.
Athletically he is a freak. And his GPA is on the rise and he is working through options with WOU and others and coming to see him too.
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Ambrose Soh had 6 TD’s and 196 yards to lead the Titan’s to a 2nd Round Playoff win over Aloha.
“It is really great to know the hard work may pay off. I want to play at the next level. Truly I do. So we will see where this all goes, ” he offered.
His film just came out from the Aloha playoff win. Soh had 200 yards and 6 Td’s on one of he Regions premier defenses. It is some impressive film to say the least! Watch His Film Here!
Make sure to follow all the action in The War Room – 2013
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About the AuthorDirk Knudsen
Dirk is a lifelong resident of the Pacific NW; athlete and Merit scholar. He runs camps, clinics, and has been a sports writer and analyst for nearly a decade now; mostly with as the editor of OregonPreps and Dirk is the founder of NWPR &; a charity for injured athletes suffering from Brain Trauma / Concussion. He is a father of three and married.
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