International Players Coming To The Game

In a recent chance meeting we ran into a very interesting man. In Oregon at the Aloha Warrior VS West Salem TitansPlayoff Game in 2012 the Titan's Running Back Ambrose Soh broke off 6 TD's and 199 yards to counter All American Thomas Tyner's 170 yards and 6 TD's.

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Click As the game wore on a discussion began around the sideline as to who this Soh kid was. He was somewhat known but not really that much. As the game ended a discussion arose about Soh being the first Cousin of Ndamukong Suh. That seemed a little bit of a stretch as the names are spelled differently. Here to view this Link.
But sure enough there aswe interviewed Ambrose Soh at the end of that game was a man with Ambrose Mother who we came to know as Michael.
Michael Suh to be exact.
Now the conversation went so well I asked if we could please interview Michael Suh in regards to his thoughts about Football and the families experiences asemigrants from the African Nation of Cameroon.
It was a moment we happily shared and captured for you all.
Football is growing faster outside the US then in. And it is not a stretch to see that there is major talent in foreign lands that will continue to come here to play the sport.
The High School ranks in fact are going to attract more and more athletes from over seas so American's best get used to it. And those same kids are going to come for US Scholarships too.
While Ambrose and Ndamukomg were born here theirparents brought hope to family back home. And Michael sees the potential to go to his Homeland of Cameroon and establish connections with athletes who he believes can come and transform the game and improve themselves through education.
This year alone we have seen impact players from Western and American Samoa, New Zealand, Canada, India, and Korea in addition to the African continent.
Welcome to the Globalization of Football everyone. Watch this trend continue to grow and change the landscape of Football in the US.
Here is a terrific interview with Mr Michael Suh!