Latest Technology A Game Changer For HS Football

We saw some big games and read some big stories this season. And like we always do we captured some memorable pictures and Video too. So did many of you. But even more of those big moments were lost never to be seen again and man don’t we all wish we could see those plays again? Those of us that have already moved on from Prep athletics look back with fond memories of our times and can only dream about seeing a few highlights to bring it all back.
Memories.Isn’t that what we are all really making out there on that field? For parents, players, coaches, and fans we are there to experience the emotions and the moments; things that will power charge our souls for life.
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Oregon City and McMinnville will be Live Tonight with Highlights on Video Via Replay Locker!
Technology wise there are quite a few things that have wowed us the past few years; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Hudl just to name a few. But a few weeks ago I saw something that for me is perhaps the coolest thing I have seen in years in the sports technology field. At Parkrose High School I stood in the end-zone and filmed Junior SensationJonathan Bolandgo airborne and score a diving TD! But it happened so fast that my camera missed the shot. Standing next to me was a student from Parkrose with an I-Pad.
He captured what I could not.With the click of a button he showed the play to me. And he showed it to me from 3 camera angles and played it back in slow motion too.
“What is this Black Magic,” I shouted!
“This? Oh This is ReplayLocker,” he answered calmly. ”Would you like me to send you that clip right now? Or would you prefer I send you all of his big plays right at the end of the game?”
10 seconds later I was hooked. This is all I will tell you about this tool right now. Because tonight I am announcing my relationship with ReplayLocker as a client and a fan of theirs and there is no way I can explain it. You will have to experience this yourself. I will also be the NW sales representative and am going to be having meetings on this beginning this week.
This tool can take your school and your fan base to the next level. You will have access to a technology and an experience that no one else has. And if utilized properly your school will now have full coverage of most major sports and events you host. Your Girls will be able to show off with live video streaming and for that I am super excited! This is going to be something that you are going to want. When you find out this can make your sports revenue your going to see why this Win Win is a game changer.
Tonight at Oregon City High Schoolyou will be given your chance to experience this. For tonight the Highlights will be available for the Oregon City and McMinnville Fans. The live stream of the game will not be on due to the playoffs but will be after the season is over. And when you consider this technology is being produced by the OC Pioneer Students Video Club you have to smile and celebrate. The kids are learning and producing their own content that their boys and girls and coaches are putting out. And that footage will be available for them forever.
At the Game Tonight for Free you can grab the App on your I-Pad, Android Smart Phone, and I-Phone and watch all the highlights. So follow the steps below and Enjoy!
Also Coaches, Players, Boosters, parents, and Fans– call me to set an appointment to get this tool in your schools and hear how this technology is going to help your team in ways you may or may not even realize!
Call me at 503-799-8383 or email me at
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