Once Again We Say Goodbye To A Great Champion

Goodbye Junior, Ray, and Dave: The End Of The Game
byDirk Knudsen| Posted on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012
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Dave Duerson of the Chicago Bears, Ray Easterling of Atalanta, and Junior Seau of San Diego have become the new face of Football's Tragic reality
Goodbye Junior. Goodbye Ray. Goodbye Dave.
We will miss you all. And really we never got a chance to say goodbye or to thank you for all you gave. So tonight we want to say thank you and to say goodbye. You will all be missed.
All of you took your lives at your own hands. But your deaths were not in vain. Know that.
Those of us that knew your plight and who have seen it first hand know your in a better place and in a better way then you ever would have been here on Earth. The deadly Killer CTE saw to that.
But for most American's they are just waking up to the side reality of what has been happening these past 5 years and to the science that has now indisputably been tied to what your going through and to the game of football.
Today's death of NFL Legend Junior Seau, and we mean legend in the truest sense of the word, was a tough tough blow. While it is not for us to say Junior was suffering from CTEwe know he likely was. It's a high percentage chance in our minds and we know a thing or two about it as the founders of and long time supportersof the small handful of people trying to so something about it.
If you have not heard ofCTEyet here you go. If you have a Football Player of any age in your home boy you better wake up and you better read up.
This deadly killer can not be diagnosed and can not cured. It is only confirmed upon death and autopsy but we now know it is killing football players as young as 20 years old. This is not a disease limited to the old timers that you see in Black and White photos from the old days of the NFL.
No. This is the killer of boys and men alike and it is caused by blows to the head. And these are not all concussive blows. Not at all. But rather repeated brain trauma from the game of football. Modern helmets do not help. In fact they may even make it worse.
This article is not a science lesson. Look it up and you will find out all you need to know. But these three great men and NFL Veterans all committed suicide.
The gun shot wound to the chest of Chicago Bears great Dave Duerson was done on purpose so his Brain could be sent to Brain Bank for confirmation of his ailment. We know that because he told us all in his Suicide note he wrote and left 2-17-2012 just before he pulled the trigger.
Ray Easterlingcommitted suicide on 4-21-12 and was the lead plaintiff against the NFL in the lawsuit which has now risen to include over 1,000 retired players. He had suffered through 25 surgeries in recent decades and at age 62 he finally had just had enough.
Now Junior Seau is gone. And the fact that he shot himself in the chest is telling. He was only 43. And more then any other player his death has the potential to galvanize the Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury crisis.
His tragic suicide today is making huge waves. If his brain is determined to be effected by CTE this is going to be it. The moment football changes forever.
Because many people active in the game now and kids and adults playing it may not remember Easterling or Duerson but they sure and the hell will remember Junior Seau. The common man does too and so does the NFL fan. And that should lead to outcry and action on a level we have not seen so far.
Other have fallen to suicide related to this CTE monster. Andre Waters of the Eagles and Terry Long of the Steelers are two others who we have lost the same way. And the list goes on and on.
Now for you coaches, parents, administrators, and kids who read our articles we appeal to you. Sit down and talk it through. Your all rational people. Let Junior's death be your call to action.
Here are some things to do:
Educate Yourselves to the Reality of CTE and to TBI and Concussion risks of all kinds.
Consider not playing contact football until Junior High. We know that kids as young as 20 have died of CTE. And we know the young brain is the most vulnerable. Playing in 2-7th grade is not going to make your athlete a better recruit or player. It just won't. It will expose them to thousands of blows that they are not meant to take not to mention the soft tissue damage epidemic.
Do not play year around. Limit your exposures.
Coaches consider closely looking at the NFL protocols of hitting one day a week in practice. It is easy to fall back on contact and tackling drills. But why do we do things that the NFL itself does not do. Many of you alreadyfollow these practices. Consider it guys.
Small schools kids….you all play more reps then big school kids do for the most part. All schools need to find ways to get more players into the games.
And Junior, Ray, Dave, and the hundreds of others who have given their lives so we could enjoy the game on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are with us on these points. They are calling to you for help and to pay attention.
Together we can take action and save this game. Divided the game is done for. At least the way we have known it all these years.
Join us atbrainchampions.organd get involved. Help us with ourBuildTheBus Projectand Help Us save the Game! We are here doing the work. Please Join Us!
​Wemiss you all guys.
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