Raise Seven For Matthew: Campaign to Help a Fallen HS QB

We have covered this young man once. We will continue to do so every month or so. Let me start by thanking the thousands of people that are supporting Matthew Newman.
Matthew is the Highland High School Quarterback that was critically injured at the start of the regular season. He had a severe blow and was rushed to the hospital.
It has been 8 harrowing weeks. His battle continues and he needs our support. There is too much to say here other then Get Involved. This is a great kid with a great will.
He is trying so hard to fight his way back. You can help. You are powerful....not powerless. Helping Matthew will help you more then it will help him. Believe me. I know. I have experienced it and yet have not been able to see him yet.
To help you help yourself and Matthew we have set up a Campaign called "Raise 7 for Matthew".
The concept is simple. If your at a game and watching your team or any team simply raise 7 fingers when they score or do something that inspires you. You can also raise some funds as well. 100% of any money raised will go to Matthew so that he can get some things that may provide him assistance as he gets better. This is a spiritual as well as monetary effort. Both will help!
To Join go to the Facebook Fan site. Join as a fan and read all the info, get updates, and see pictures of people and fans coming to his aid and Raising 7.
"Raise 7 For Matthew"
Also if you would like to donate $7 dollars, $70 Dollars, $700 Dollars....or any amount we will commit 100% of it to Matthew. There is a secure pay pal site set up for that too.
Go here to offer some financial help if you can.
"Chip in For Matthew"
Lastly you can Visit Matthew and sign his Guestbook online. You will get updates from his family as he progresses and hopefully very soon from the young man himself. You can do that right here:
"Come Visit Matthew and Leave him a Message and sign Up for his Updates Here"
His whole community in Washington is behind him. Thousands in Washington are behind him. His Football Family in Oregon and now Idaho are bringing aide his way. Quarterbacks and Linemen and coaches and moms,dads,fans, and kids of all ages are coming to his aide. You can to.
Join Us. Join him in this Journey. Send your prayers and thoughts and help to him. Most of all wherever you are at on Friday, Saturday, or even Sunday...honor this kid who paid the ultimate price for our great game. Raise Seven for Matthew.
Today I will leave you with this message form this morning from Matt's Uncle Brad. I am taking the rest of the day with family and friends. You do the same.
Sunday, November 15, 2009 8:33 AM, PST
It's been eight weeks since Matthew's accident; as Matthew's uncle I would like to share a few highlights that I have observed during this time:
* The power of prayer is awesome and real, Matthew's survival and recovery process is proof positive.
* Supportive communities are important and we are very fortunate to live within and share our lives, both the highs and lows, with a great community.
* Matthew's situation has brought greater awareness to the important issue of sports injuries, especially head and traumatic brain concussions
* Matthew's situation has brought people and communities together.
* Matthew has given us all an opportunity to gain some important perspective on our lives.
* Matthew is truly a champion and a hero for his determination, positive outlook and fight to overcome.
* Matthew's parents are strong, caring and devoted individuals who are committed to seeing him get through this with pride and success.
* As Matthew's name is defined, he truly is a "Gift from God" to all of us.
Matthew's social interactions continue to expand, we are so happy to be able to see and communicate with our same old Matthew; high school student, friend, athlete... The infections are still a hindrance to his rehab although movement and range of motion in both arms and legs are full. Once he is back into the rehab unit, I believe his mobility and strength increases will be rapid and great.
I want to say a special thank you to Dirk Knudsen at for his articles and involvement in helping out both Matthew and his family. "Raise 7 for Matthew" (see the guest book posting Nov. 14 for more info) is a great way to show the positive support and encouragement we all have for this fine young man.
Brad Newman
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