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Sunset Stud Linemen Lands First Offer

Josh Brown is right at the top of the heap for NW Tight Ends in the Class of 2014. We reviewed his work and covered him in an article last month as well as placed him onto our widely discussedTop NW Prospect 2014 watch list. So he has beengainingattention and climbing the ranks.
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Josh Brown at 6’6″- and 250 lbs is going to be one to watch this season!
He contacted us this week to let us know that he had landed his first offer from Northern Colorado University of theBigSky Conference. We covered the details with him.
“I called the coaches at NCU and westartedto talk and we spoke about my family, we talked about the school and the majors and tutors forathletesand about things like academic assistance. The Coach offered and westartedto talk about the plan to come down to camp this Summer and tour the campus in June ,” offered Josh who has a very business like approach to the collegiate process.
The 6’6″ agile kid is being recruited at Tight End and with his weight pushing 250 he is going to be one to watch for sure. That does not preclude him from being a top Defensive End and of course if he should end up being 280 or more there are 3 Offensive line spots he could play.
The fact is he is big, mobile, has nice hands, and can offer any team a whole lot.
He went through the steps he had taken to be noticed and recruited and is reaching out to more schools. In this case it was his HUDL film that we linked to on NWPR / OregonPreps that caught their eye.
“Coach Chris Smith saw my film and said the staff had all watched it and based upon that they were able to make me an offer to play for them.”
Film. The eye in the sky never lies. We continue to stress to parents and kids you can not buy your way or gain hype to gain an offer. Film is the next best thing to showing up in front of a Coach, performing, and blowing him away.
In recent discussions with Coaches about the process they use and go through they continue to discount recruiting services, are running from Street Agents, and are having a harder and harder time believing anything they read. Film and personal contact are the best methods to being recruited and Josh is tapping into that.
Brown does not know too Much about NCU but says he has a team mate from last years squad walking on down there and that he will be looking forward to getting to know them better. There is no doubt this was a great thing for him and having that first offer out of the way he is excited for what is ahead.
“I am working hard in Track, in my studies, and planning some college visits as well,” he added.
Watch out for this young man because he is truly talented. Another great NW Prospect from a great school like Sunset where the Apollos have been rising under the leadership of legendary Coach Faustin Riley!
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