Kings of the Beat Down

Who are the best teams statistically coming in to the playoffs?  I mean there is so many ways you can break this down and we have done that here in the past few weeks.
We first took you inside the States most prolific offenses and looked at the big time scoring machines.  Next we looked at the toughest and stingiest defenses.  That showed us who could shut down those point monsters.
Today we are looking specifically at which teams had the biggest scoring advantage over their opponents.  The difference between points scored and points allowed.  Who were the kings of the beat downs?  We'll here they are for the 4A -6A Oregon High School Football Divisions for 2009.
Now we are not ready to Crown anyone yet based on these numbers but it is the case that All three of these teams come in #1 in their respective brackets.  This may be a little of a surprise.  The game is also about strength of league and of opponents. 
It is also about match ups.  Style of play and coaching play a big roll as well as does the weather.  Of  Note Jesuit is a close 4th with an average margin of victory of almost 20. When you factor in their tough pre-season and Skyline of Washington you have to know they are a threat.
In a little bit of a surprise the West Linn Lions bested most other teams in 6A showing their defensive muscle.  They edged out league champs Lake Oswego in this category as well.
Hillsboro is showing why they are the best and headed for 6A next year.  Marist looks like they need to move up to 6A as well.  Let's face it.  They need the challenge! :)
Best wishes to all the teams and players tonight.  Let's see if these regular season Kings of the Beat Down can keep it up through the play offs!
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