Tanoa Bowl Team Oregon Loaded With Talented Seniors

To Our Readers: This is but a partial list of Oregon's Top Juniors. The kids on this roster were about of Tanoa Bowl Classic Team Oregon Year One. The selection was based on #1 kids with Polynesian Heritage and status as a Senior and student in good standing. The balance was made up of kids who were Seniors who were recruitable athletes of high chaaracter and those who the recruiting gods have not shined on quite as brighlty then our Top recruits. Also many All Statet kids were invited and declined due to family schedules, basketball, and injuries. This was the process the committee took. So rest assured we tried to be fair withing some very firm constraints.
A full story on Uncommmited studs is coming soon so if you want to nominate an athlete please reach out soon!
Here is the story!
New Years Eve Day many of Top Oregon Seniors laid it on the line in an All Star Bowl in Washington against a loaded Alaska Team. While they did not come away with the win they all showcased collegiate level talent. All of them can play collegiate ball. While three of four of these kids have made commitments already the rest are highly recruitable athletes who can move on into the ranks from D-3 to D-1 or NAIA and JUCO.
There was not one kid we had who does not want to or is not capable of playing college ball. So Coaches and recruiters reading this (yes we know your reading and thanks for looking at our kids) here is not only the list of our kids but a fully interactive list where you can dive in and see more about them as well as gain their contact info hassle free.
This is made available through our partnership with where all NW athletes are invited to set up a complimentary account for free. Have at it coaches and come get these dedicated student athletes.
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