The Ike Special. A Must See

Here is the second great football story out of Washington that has more to do about life then any thing else.
The world is full of problems but once and a while a really special person or group of people come along to remind us of what it is all about.
Thanks to Elisa Jaffe and Komo 4 News in Seattle for bringing us this great story. Ike Ditzenberger is truly special and so is his story.
The Snohomish Panthers and their school have something great here! They and rival Lake Stevens were able to give big Ike his special moment that he nor anyone that was there will ever forget!
Great story and one that is well worth watching. Enjoy and Go Big Ike! He is our Washington Preps Player of the Week! Way to go Ike.
The Ike Special (KOMO TV Coverage) from Tony Soper on Vimeo.
KOMO TV's coverage of "The Ike Special" from Thursday, October 5th, 2009.